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About us

Machinery Alignment Solutions is a group of Partners (member companies) headquartered in Rotterdam - the Netherlands. We have
 approximately 80 Alignment engineers Worldwide and our core business areas are high-tech measuring services for Rotating equipment;

  • We are the Global leader of Shaft Alignment Services. Our alignment jobs are done with high-end modular alignment systems, extendable to all advanced shaft and geometric applications, in many sectors of industry.

  • Machinery Alignment Solutions does installation of innovative chocking products for all Rotating machine types and sizes serve our customers to optimize system availability and enable a high level of productivity. We keep in close touch with our customers by offering not only precision Alignment but a range of high-end maintenance services.

  • From our centralized office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Machinery Alignment core management Team focuses on alliance business to enhance existing benefits as well as develop new benefits for customers. Some of the functions handled by the central organization include: sales, engineering, alliance operations, logistics, marketing and corporate communications, finance and IT.

The International orientation of the company proved to be crucial to the further growth of our business.
With 16 operational sales, service, development and 3 training locations, Machinery Alignment Solutions has evolved
into a
successful Global player.

We are a rapidly developing group of Partners, Machinery Alignment Solutions is still working to further strengthen its Global network by actively talking to potential partners in India and Latin America.
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